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Ethiopia is a land-locked nation located in the Horn of Africa.  It is a land of great history and interest and also growing as a travel destination


Ethiopia, was an early player in history.  Evidence of our first human ancestors have been found here dating back 168,000 years.  It is also known as the cross roads of three great religions – Judaism, Islam and Christianity.  Today Ethiopian Orthodox Church preserves the rituals of the Old Testament.  The walled city of Harar is the fourth holiest site of Islam, and Christianity is the predominant religion having been adopted even before much of Europe.


Several favorite sites in the country include Axum, known for its rock hewn church, wall paintings, Queen of Sheba’s Palace and Bath, and St Mary of Zion Church, which many believe houses the Ark of the Covenant.


Lalibela, built in the 12th century as the “New Jerusalem” has 11 monolithic churches, structures carved from solid rock and ornately decorated.  The Church of St. George is many times referred to as the 8th. Wonder of the World.



Ethiopia is not a major wildlife destination as its neighboring country of Kenya but it is a land of great interests, landscapes and history.