Spend Time in the Presence of Africa’s Largest Primate

Nothing can prepare you for your first sighting of mountain gorillas in the wild. In their natural habitat, these mystical animals are docile and mesmerizing.


  • Watch them eat and sleep.
  • Watch the mothers care for their children.
  • Enjoy the playful antics of the littlest gorillas.
  • Allow them to tug on your shoestrings.
  • Photograph a mother cuddling her newborn.
  • The principal locales for seeing mountain gorillas are Rwanda and Uganda. Both are small, land-locked, countries shaped by volcanic mountains. They line Africa’s Great Rift Valley. The close proximity of Africa’s two largest lakes (Victoria and Tanganika) and two largest rivers (Nile and Congo) make this one of the most intriguing and spectacular regions on the vast African continent.



It is part of the Virunga Volcano chain. It has a moist, tempreate climate year-round. Its people are truly amazing in their willingness to forgive historic atrocities. They are very welcoming to tourists. Several National Parks and volcanic lakes are located in Rwanda. The parks protect the mountain gorillas, the elusive Golden Monkeys and 12 other species of primates, forest elephants.....

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Uganda is rich in wildlife, breathtaking scenery, and African cultures. It is another landlocked country near the Equator and enjoys a temperate climate year round. It is home to more than ten National Parks with each offering its own unique experience. The adventurous will find the opportunity to hike a volcano. You will see chimpanzees, elephants, giraffes, numerous bird species.....

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