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However you wish to describe this harsh land it will become one of your favorite countries.


From the intriguing wonders of the Kalahari Desert and the San people; Fish River Canyon with its hiking and spectacular views; Sussusvlei with its sand dunes seemingly stretching on into infinity; shipwrecks and the haunting solitude of the Skeleton Coast; Damaraland and its rock art; game-viewing in Etosha National Park, to its culturally diverse collection of people each with their fascinating traditions.  You may see Herero women in graceful Victorian-style dresses; the Nama/Damara, who speak with exotic click sounds, Iimba women with their classic beauty enhanced by intricate hairstyles and ornamented copper necklaces and anklets; and the Bushmen or San with hunter-gatherer traditions.


The endless experiences of Namibia will remain in your heart forever.